Recognizing drug abuse and alcohol misuse in the workplace

Substance abuse training for the worplace

Understanding the degree of all search products available can challenge users of screening services. Many organizations recognize the need to partner with Star Systems to aid in selection, procurement and compliance with state and federal regulations.

Star Systems has negotiated relationships with many superior supplier resources. Our suppliers have millions of applicant profiles completed to date,  are equipped to assist in the appropriate selection of information. All queries are submitted through a time-tested online Screening Management Solution™, the same system can be seamlessly integrated with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

We give you the ability to choose screens for each individual candidate or establish standards based on job position or level. This program will comply with your risk tolerance and budget.

Our policies and procedures, with our experienced professional staff, provide assurance that you have access to the most accurate, complete and comprehensive background information legally available.

We understand that under-reporting of information puts your organization at risk, while over-reporting places an undue burden on your staff. We work with your team to set custom business rules that allow for reporting of all information permitted under the law. Each of our programs comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and any applicable state law equivalents.
Star Systems offer interactive, online training courses along with a supervisor's reference manual to assist with your Drug-Free Workplace training challenges.

  • Signs, symptoms and performance indicators of substance abuse and alcohol misuse
  • Physical, behavioral, speech and performance indicators of alcohol misuse and use of controlled substances
  • Information regarding the effects of alcohol and controlled substances on an individual's health, work and personal life
  • Data on available methods of intervention

  • All forms and directions needed to recognize, track and document suspicious behavior
  • A simple five-step intervention procedure for administering a reasonable suspicion test
  • Chapter quizzes designed to focus the student on the correct information
  • A multiple-choice, self-scoring final examination
  • An automatic certificate of completion when the student passes the final examination
  • An administration module identifying employees who have completed and passed the course
  • A one-year license for the interactive, online course
Star Systems is pleased to offer our clients industry-first mobile capabilities, which include:

  • Full Integration with Apple Passbook and Google Wallet
  • Mobile Registrations, which are accepted at 5,000+ Patient Service Centers Nationwide
  • Applicant Reminders to Report for Sample Collection before Registration Expiration
  • Mobile Indication when in close Proximity to Collection Facility
  • Instant Emails to Employers when Collection Occurs or Registration Expires

  • Verify and manage your contract workers with the industries first communication hub for casual labor
  • Facial recognition and identity-matching software
  • Government ID Verification
  • ID Image Capturer
Star Systems nationwide drug testing solutions include the following:

  • Urine Sample (SAMHSA and NIDA Ceritifed Testing) - WebCCF Electronic COC Available
  • Hair Follicle
  • Oral Fluid Sample

  • Urine Sample
  • Oral Fluid Sample
Our systems are built on proven technology platform with unparalleled levels of integration with Applicant Tracking Systems of almost any kind, including:

  • ​ADP Recruiting Management
  • HRSmart
  • Oracle IRecruitment
  • PeopleSoft eRecruit/TAM
  • SAP
  • Sendouts
  • SilkRoad - OpenHire
  • Taleo - Business Edition
  • Taleo - Enterprise
  • UltiPro (Q4 2016)
At Star Systems, we take Client Support very seriously.  That's why we consider our support team to be a valuable solution to your employee screening program.  At Star Systems, we employ a diverse team of highly-skilled and trained professionals, dedicated to our clients and their security.  

  • Unlike the competition, all Client Support is provided from the United States
  • We offer a highly-personalized, very reliable customer experience
  • Star Systems Team Members interact directly with requestors
  • We offer unsurpassed Email Response Time - with most requests averaging under 1 hour
  • Proactively, we contact our clients monthly to ensure program satisfaction
  • We keep clients "In the Know" by hosting monthly conference calls to discuss important industry topics 
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