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About Us

At Star Systems, we take Client Support very seriously. Our Client Support Team is located in the United States, right out of Commerce Township, MI. We offer a highly-personalized, very reliable customer experience.  Our Client Support Team members interact directly with requestors daily, assisting with all the day-to-day Human Resources inquires.  Star Systems client retention is over 95%.

Our Client Support is provided by a team of highly trained and qualified professionals:

       Account Manager
       Star Systems Support Team, which consists of:
  • Lead Client Support Specialist
  • Client Support Specialist

At Star Systems, Quality is monitored in four key areas of our operations:

  • Reporting Accuracy
  • Turnaround Performance
  • Report Clarity
  • Compliance

Through our Quality Assurance Department, which conducts a review process for every flagged result (flagged means there is a record or that the information differs from what the applicant provided) before it is released to the client. In addition to reviewing every flagged result, metrics are maintained to monitor researcher performance.  For our criminal research network, metrics include both turnaround and accuracy of the results.  Researchers are “salted” with requests for known records and instances of inaccurate or incomplete research are addressed immediately. For our verification researchers, reports are monitored by our Quality Assurance Department. Metrics are tracked to monitor verification rates, turnaround performance and overall quality of data provided. 

As is industry standard in the screening space, we obtain third-party information directly from the source (credit bureau, court, state agency, school, employer) and contract with court researchers to obtain criminal records information.  We test new and existing vendors for accuracy, completeness and turnaround time.  New vendors or any vendor we have reason to believe is not performing according to the high quality standards we expect are tested more frequently and removed from our network if we find their work subpar.

With our applicant-driven process, you simply send your candidate a Star Applicant Portal link and he or she logs in and provides the information directly.  Upon completion of the screen, applicants can receive a unique key via email that they simply click to view their final reports (optional).  Employers gain access to all profile reports inside our web portal.

The Star Applicant Portal permits employers to establish predefined packages, customized to the position level if they wish, in order to collect appropriate information for executive level, management and administrative positions. 

Having applicants provide their own information reduces the risk of data-entry errors.  When evaluating large applicant pools, allowing candidates to submit their own screening requests also greatly reduces the burden on your staff. Star Applicant Portal also accommodates an electronic drug test order using WebCCF (Paperless Web-based Chain of Custody Form).

WebCCF provides our customers a streamlined drug testing ordering process that saves time and money by eliminating the traditional paper-intensive drug test forms, double data-entry, and multiple log ins to laboratory drug test ordering websites to conduct a collection site match and donor registration.  With WebCCF, our Medical Review Office became one of only a few third-party drug testing administrators in the nation to provide this advanced functionality encompassing order placement, real-time automated donor registration, electronic CCF transmission and integrated drug test result delivery.  WebCCF is fully integrated with the two largest national drug testing laboratories, LabCorp and Quest Diagnostics. 

        Benefits to most clients include:
  • Reduction of staff time by eliminating data entry process
  • Status updates from the time of collection to reporting of result
  • Elimination of express mail fees when sending paper chain of custody form
  • One step to order background and drug test and a better applicant experience

​Through our extensive set of web services, integration to our client’s HRIS applications is easily possible.  The scope of the integration effort and investment required varies according to which application our system needs to be integrated with and what information needs to flow back and forth through the integration.  Star Systems works with clients and its HRIS application partner to determine integration requirements, learn what integration methodology the HRIS application partner uses and provide a scope of work effort and possible investment. 

Depending on the HRIS application, a successful integration can be completed anywhere from a few days to several months.  

Transmission of personally identifiable information (PII) has become an especially sensitive area as the volume of information available, published and evaluated in most hiring processes has exploded.  Secure delivery of completed profile reports assures that confidential information reaches only the intended recipient.  At Star Systems, security standards are fully compliant with the requirements outlined in the Data Security and Privacy Guidelines of NAPBS for the handling of personally identifiable information. 

When profiles are complete, end-users or their applicant receives an email with a link to the completed profile rather than an email with a PDF attached. R ecipients present unique credentials to log directly into our system to view the profile. 

This represents a significant change over early reporting methods, where an unencrypted PDF was transmitted with only the personal identifiers such as date of birth and social security number obscured, and further helps to protect customers from the loss or potential interception of information transmitted via email. 

To further ensure security, two different users cannot use the same credentials simultaneously.  Further profiles can only be accessed via the original query for a period of 60 days.

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